While we do our best to ensure that you receive your items well, we want to sort out any issues for you. You may contact our Customer Service team in the event of

Wrong items: If the items you received are of wrong quantity, size, color or design, please take a photo with the order number and a short description. Due to differences in lighting or production batches, light hue or saturation discrepancies may be present. Hence, minimal variations of color cannot be totally avoided.

Damaged items: If the items you received are found to have damages or defects, please take a photo with the order number and a short description. Compensation for partial damage item is subjected to the severity of damage.

Missing items: All orders are supposed to come with our order number labels. Sometimes orders may be packed closely together and difficult to see, if you find the order number label, the item should be inside. If both the item and order number label are missing, you can tell us the missing order number.

Any functionality issues would have to be informed within 15 days from the date of receipt by the customer. Our aftersales team will then verify the case. If the issue is reported after 30 days and/or deemed inappropriately used, we reserve the right to assess the case.

Please note that this warranty is void if the item is misused, altered, mishandled, improperly used or due to negligence.

In the event of any claim, please send us an email. We will reply you within 3-5 working days after checking with our team and sellers. We will consider the item to be in good condition if there is no report of claim after 14 days from the collection date. We may reject any request reported thereafter. If the ticket/email correspondence is inactive beyond 30 days, our aftersales team may close the request accordingly.

Return code will be issued for approved return/refund case. For parcels returned without return code or without approval from our after-sales team, we will not be responsible or liable for any loss or consequences. Please ensure that the return code is attached when returning items, items returned without the code will not be accepted. Return code is valid for 2 weeks upon issuance.

We are also not liable for any aftersales orders that have been mishandled without any prior approval. We also require justifications for every claims such as phototaking, video proof etc.

Refund Process

Upon completion of the return process, we will credit the refund after deducting the administration fee to your My Available Amount in a few working days.